Ambition, Grit and a great pair of Heels

The Morning After

Dear Ladies,

Here is a question for you: How do you feel, when you wake up next to your boy in the morning? Sexy, fresh, confident?  or you just run to the bathroom for a quick brush,  may be some lip balm, straighten a bit the “messy sex hair”… the list can be long.

Recently I’ve watched a movie called What’s your number. How can I say, it was silly in a funny way and I know many girls who can identify themselves with the main character? In one of the scenes she wakes up next to a one night stand and runs into the bathroom for a quick hair brush, mascara, lip gloss and of course teeth brush.  And let’s face, this scene from a comedy, is often a  scene from our homes.  




I have seen hundreds of articles in the web and in well-known women’s magazines giving girls advices on  How to prepare yourself for the first morning with him or How to impress him with your looks first thing in the morning, etc.  How about making this post all about YOU! Forget about the whole sex with sunglasses and morning make over and see where the confidence problem comes from.

  1. 1.       Take it easy with the revamp before a night out

Fake eyelasher, St Tropez, hair extensions, fake nails and sometimes heels your feet cannot handle. Does this sound familiar? I believe it does. Going from a Cover Girls the night before, to your normal self in the morning after let’s say is a big transformation. So be yourself, highlight your best features and body parts, but don’t change it completely. In 21st century Cinderella doesn’t really fit in. It’s better to be liked and accepted for who you really are.

 2.       Love yourself and the rest will follow

Waking up early to put make up on just shows a confidence problem. You are who you are, and it is better to accept that and start loving yourself with and without make up. Because let’s face it according to the strong half of the manhood there is nothing sexier than a confident woman.

3.  Remove your make up the night before to avoid the panda effect

Remove your make up to avoid any surprises on the next morning.  Washing your face and brushing your teeth is a MUST. But honestly the make up from the night before is not classy.  Take care of your skin and put yourself first, then I can guarantee a success. As I already said Confidence is the tool.





And in the end if he doesn’t appreciate how you are first thing on the morning, your choice was wrong. But hey the search is not over; this is just the beginning of the journey.  Enjoy J


What is your opinion on this girls?





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